My understanding is that there are a few organized groups of non-Jews who strive to follow the Noahide laws. Just like Jews, B'nei Noach might have situations where the correct action to take is unclear. When Jews have such a problem, they ask a competent halachic authority their question. Presumably, there must be an equivalent type of "posek" who can answer the questions of the non-Jews and determine what their halacha is.

Are there any people who are known as prominent poskim for non-Jews? Are these poskim rabbis or are they non-Jews?


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There are a number of Rabbis, mostly Chabad, involved in teaching Bnei Noach and answering their halachic questions. One of the more prominent ones is Rabbi Yaakov Rogalsky, co-author of Path of the Righteous Gentile. Another is Rabbi Chaim Richman.


Rav Uri Sherky (Cherki) recently published a kitzur shulkhan arukh for B'nei Noach, with approbations of several well-known and widely respected poskim. Inter alia, Rav Cherki is one of the Jewish leaders of the B'nei Noach group one can find at https://noahideworldcenter.org/

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