Who knows one hundred?

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Ok, 100, here we go!

  1. The Heichal of the second Beish Hamikdash was 100 amos tall. -msh210
  2. ..and 100 amos long.
  3. ..and 100 amos wide.
  4. Brochos to say each day -JeremyR
  5. 100 times ש״ם is written in Tehillim. -Yahu
  6. 100 amos2 where the Kohanim walked on top of the exterior altar. -msh210
  7. 100 children of Kayin. -Gershon Gold
  8. 100 people that Elish fed miraculously. -msh210
  9. 100 cc's in the Chazon Ish's K'beitzah -msh210
  10. Shem was 100 years old when his son Arpachshad was born. -msh210
  11. 100 prophets that OVadya hid from Izevel. -msh210
  12. 100 is the number used for large examples in Rabbinic literature. -msh210
  13. 100 amos that water must travel underground before it's considered a spring when it comes back up. -msh210
  14. 100 amos tall was Adam. -msh210
  15. 100 amos around a grave that there might still be body parts. -msh210
  16. 100 amos is how far the carob tree moved. -msh210
  17. 100 זוז in a woman's second marriage kesubah. -Gershon Gold
  18. 100 walk-amos is the duration of a light sleep. -Isaac Moses
  19. 100 Shofar blasts on Rosh Hashana. -Isaac Moses
  20. 100 species of impure birds in the east. -Isaac Moses
  21. 100 is how much Yaakov paid for real-estate near Sh'chem. -msh210
  22. 100 years will still be young at death says Yechezkel HaNavi. -msh210
  23. 100 years old when Sarah still looked like 20. -msh210
  24. 100 zuz wants another 100 zuz. -Isaac Moses
  25. 100 silver that a מוציא שם רע pays. -Yahu
  26. 100 times that "שמים" is written in Torah. -Yahu
  27. Torah learning is 100 times more valuable in difficult circumstances. -Isaac Moses
  28. 100 times that you must have said Mashiv Haruach, before you can assume that you say the right one without thinking. -ArghMo
  29. Heter 100 Rabbis. -ArghMo
  30. 100 silver sockets for the Mishkan. -YDK
  31. 100 answers for the missing miracle question. -Isaac Moses Meah Shearim. -Yahu
  32. The cross-sectional area of the Mishkan (viewed from the East or West) was 100 square cubits (10x10). -Isaac Moses
  33. 100 times the chullin must outnumber the terumah to be able to use the mixture. -Dave

  34. 100 years old was Avraham when Yitzchak was born. -jutky

  35. 100 Rabbis from R' Moshe Feinstein's home town. -Alex
  36. 100 amos was the length of the Mishkan's courtyard. -Dave
  37. 100 zuz in a maneh. -Shalom
  38. 100 times the word בנימן is in Tanach. -Shalom
  39. 100 times the word האחד is in Tanach. -Shalom
  40. 100 reviews which is incomparable to 101 reviews (Chagiga 9b) -HodofHod because..
  41. 100 reviews is what was common in Talmudic times (brought in Tanya Ch. 15) -HodofHod
  42. 100 zuz is the value of virginity at the time of marriage.
  43. 100 clusters of raisins that Tziva brought to Dovid. (2 Shmuel 16) -HodofHod
  44. 100 summer fruits that Tziva brought to Dovid. (ibid.) -HodofHod
  45. "The city that went forth a thousand shall have a hundred left" (Amos 5:3) -HodofHod
  46. "And five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand". (Vayikra 26:8). -HodofHod
  47. בן מאה שנים כאילו עבר ובטל מן העולם. -Dave
  48. אַרְתַּחְשַׁסְתְּא guaranteed Ezra 100 talents of silver.
  49. ..and 100 measures of wheat.
  50. ..and 100 baths of wine.
  51. ..and 100 baths of oil. (Ezra 7:22) -HodofHod
  52. "A rebuke entereth deeper into a man of understanding than a hundred stripes into a fool." (Mishlei 17:10) -HodofHod
  53. 100 amos was the length of King Solomon's house. (1 Kings 7:2) -HodofHod
  54. 100 sheep that King Solomon's court went through, a day! (1 Kings 5:3) -HodofHod
  55. 100 bullocks that were sacrifice when the 2nd Beis Hamikdash was completed. (Ezra 6:16) -HodofHod
  56. 100 talents of silver the Ammon gave to King יוֹתָם. (Chronicles 1 27:5) -HodofHod
  57. 100 chariots that Dovid reserved from what he took from הֲדַדְעֶזֶר מֶלֶךְ-צוֹבָה . (Chronicles 1 18:4) -HodofHod
  58. פַרְעֹה נְכֹה fined Israel 100 talents of silver during the reign of יְהוֹאָחָז. (Kings 2 23:33) -HodofHod

    Gematria of:

  59. "לכן" -msh210
  60. "מדה במדה" -msh210
  61. "מדון" -msh210
  62. "לך לך" -Gershon Gold
  63. "מודים" -Gershon Gold
  64. "המלכה" -Gershon Gold
  65. "כף" -Gershon Gold
  66. "פך" -Gershon Gold
  67. "על"
  68. "סם"
  69. "ימים"
  70. "כלים"
  71. "בן חיל"
  72. "יהועדה"
  73. "ימלך"
  74. "סכך"
  75. "מס"
  76. "ממך"
  77. "מיכל"
  78. "מלכי"
  79. "סלי"
  80. "מכם"
  81. "עודך"
  82. "המימה"
  83. "מימי"
  84. "נלך"
  85. "ילין"
  86. "טמאים"
  87. "יגאלנו"
  88. "ובחסדך"
  89. "ויחלמו"
  90. "גביעיה"
  91. "ייסך"
  92. "מני"
  93. "בלחמך"
  94. "ליני"
  95. "כלכל"
  96. "חצב"
  97. "וילדים"
  98. "יפי"
  99. "בכוכבים"
  100. Answers in this answer.

(Ok, I know the gematrias got a little out there, but you try coming up with 50 other references for 100!)

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    If you know another one that's not on the list, by all means please remove on of the gematrias and replace it! – Hod - Monica's Army Jun 10 '12 at 5:38

There's a target of saying 100 blessings every day.

One-Hundred Brochos a Day and Keep the Doctor away and Bring Moshiach !

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100 silver sockets for the mishkan:

40 on the north

40 on the south

16 on the west

4 under the paroches

(Parashas Trumah 26:19-25)


One hundred walk-amot is the duration of a light sleep, according to Rami bar Yechezkel (Sukka 26a).

We blow the shofar 100 times on Rosh Hashana.

According to Isi ben Yehudah, "There are 100 species of Tamei birds in the east, they are all species of 'Ayah.'" (Chulin 63a)


One HUNdred are the ZUZ in A man-EH.

(Fits the beat.)

The Gemara points out the Hebrew word for widow, "almanah", sounds a lot like the "maneh" she receives for her ketubah.

Gen. 42:13

ויאמרו, שנים עשר עבדיך אחים אנחנו בני איש-אחד--בארץ כנען; והנה הקטן את-אבינו היום, ו*האחד* איננו

The words בנימן and האחד appear 100 times (each) in Tanach.

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    So 100 are the zuz in anlmana's kesubh! – YDK Sep 27 '10 at 19:48
  • And 100 are the additional zuz in a besula's kesubah – YDK Sep 27 '10 at 19:49

If terumah fell into chullin, the mixture is prohibited as terumah unless the chullin is 100 times the amount of terumah (in which case the terumah is nullified). -- Terumos 4:7


In Sefer Ner Lemeah R' Yerachmiel Zeltzer collected 100 answers (IY"H by us) to the following question:

In the Chanuka story, given that the oil would naturally have lasted for one day, wasn't only the continued burning on the second through seventh days miraculous, and shouldn't we therefore only celebrate for seven days?


Heter Me'ah Rabbanim - If a woman refuses to accept a Get, an allowance from 100 rabbis may allow her husband to remarry anyway.


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100 is the price (in קשיטה)‎ יעקב bought land near שכם for (Genesis 33:19).


לא דומה הלומד 101 פעמים ללומד 100 פעמים

it was the age of Avraham when Itshak was born.


בן מאה שנים כאילו עבר ובטל מן העולם


The cross-sectional area of the Mishkan (viewed from the East or West) was 100 square cubits (10x10).

  • Hence, too, the square cubitage of the paroches was 100 (Rashi, Sh'mos 26:32). – msh210 Nov 17 '10 at 17:57

Meyah Shearim is where I would like to be right now (at a Simchas Beis HaSho'eivah!)

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    Why it's called Mea Shearim: It says that Yitzchak sowed the land and got 100 times the amount (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mea_Shearim) – yydl Sep 28 '10 at 2:27
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    Right "100-fold." Many people think there's something about a hundred gates, different use of the word "shaar." – Shalom Sep 28 '10 at 18:21

100 silver of the מוציא שם רע.

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    =400 zuz, double that of similar offenses (ones umefateh). – Shalom Oct 4 '10 at 9:13
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    Oh plus lashes. – Shalom Oct 4 '10 at 9:14

The courtyard of the Mishkan was 100 amos in length.


It was said by a play on words that R' Moshe Feinstein's native city, Starobin, had "one hundred rabbis" (in Russian, "sta rabin") - in other words, one hundred laymen (baalei batim) who were fully knowledgeable enough that they could have served as community rabbis elsewhere.


A paper, a different version of which was apparently published in the J. Hal. Contemp. Soc., quotes the Tzemach Tzedek (Lubavitch, not Nikolsburg) as saying that 100 amos (cubits) is the distance water must travel underground before it comes up again to be considered a spring.


In the second בית המקדש, the היכל building (including the אולם) was 100 אמות tall by 100 אמות long by (at its widest point) 100 אמות wide. (Source: mishnayos Midos.)

  • Yes, that counts as three facts. For 70, we counted each Nasi's gift separately. – Isaac Moses Oct 4 '10 at 21:03

Difficult circumstances increase the value of Torah learning by at least 100x.

אם למדת תורה בשעת הריוח אל תשב לך בשעת הדחק לפי שטוב לו לאדם דבר אחד בצער ממאה בריוח

(Avot D'Rabi Natan)

  • That's 20 so far, by my count ... – Isaac Moses Sep 29 '10 at 2:58

100 zuz is how much more money a person wants when he already has 100 zuz.

One who has 100 wants 200.

-- Kohelet Raba 3:10


100 is how old Sara was (in years) when she was like a twenty-year-old for beauty (or sinlessness, depending on your version of the Midrash Raba).

  • Rashi, Parashas Breishis 5:32, quotes a midrash explaining that Noach didn't have children until 500 so they wouldn't be a bar onshin when the mabul came at 600. This idea is based on the pasuk you brought below- at 100 he will die. – YDK Oct 4 '10 at 18:05
  • I think this is about #30... – Isaac Moses Oct 4 '10 at 21:03

100 is how old (in years) one will die who will be said to have died young (Isaiah 65:20).


Lech Lcha = 100

Modim = 100

Hamalka = 100

Kaf = 100

Pach = 100

Also a Kesuba for a previously married woman is 100 Zuz.

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    The "lech l'cha" one is especially meaningful because of the midrash that Hashem was hinting to the fact that Avraham would have a son at 100: tsel.org/torah/yalkutsh/lechlecha.html – msh210 Oct 6 '10 at 15:04
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    And if we're counting random g'matriyaos, with nothing special about them, then there are bunch more: על,‎ ההנהלה,‎ היפה,‎ etc. etc. – msh210 Oct 7 '10 at 16:11

100 is apparently the distance (in amos (cubits)) around a grave where one might assume he will find a piece of a corpse in the ground.


Some blogger quotes the Ben Ish Chay as saying that Adam was 100 amos (cubits) tall — but I have no other source for that, myself.

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    Bava Basra 75a (R' Meir, who says that 200 amos is "twice the height of Adam"); Bamidbar Rabbah 13:12 (R' Yehudah). – Alex Oct 6 '10 at 20:01

100 was Shem's age (in years) when his son Arpachshad was born (B'reshis 11:10).


100 times ש״ם is written in Tehillim.

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    האמנם? It appears over 100 times just in the first 20 chapters of Tehillim. Maybe the Megaleh Amukos means that the word שם, in all of its conjugations, appears 100 times? – Alex Oct 6 '10 at 20:03
  • Alex, You are right! I checked it out in the original source. – Yahu Oct 11 '10 at 7:23

What to do if you're not sure if you remembered to say Mashiv Haruach U'morid Ha'geshem in sh'moneh esrei?

If you've already said it 100 times, (some say only 90), we assume that you remembered to say it and you do not repeat sh'moneh esrei.

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    And some say it takes 101, based on this: mi.yodeya.com/questions/3027/meya-mi-yodeya/3031#3031. There's also those who argue that it takes 90 days of actual real-use habituation, one long chant may not cut it. – Shalom Sep 28 '10 at 18:23
  • Woops 30 days of habituation (over which you'll pray 90+ times) – Shalom Sep 28 '10 at 19:15

100 is the distance (in amos (cubits)) a carob tree moved, in a famous story recorded in Bavli, Bava M'tzia 59b.


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