Where can I find a printed book with a collection of poems by Yehuda HaLevi?

Ideally this book should (in order of importance):

  • Be available to an American consumer
  • Include the original Hebrew
  • Include commentary in English. Hebrew, or in a less-ideal world, Spanish.
  • Include an English translation
  • Look nice

This one would be great if it were printed. (Hat tip @GershonGold)


http://hebrewbooks.org/38215 is a book of Hebrew poems by Rabbi Yehuda Halevi


Here's a good one:

Song of the Distant Dove: http://www.amazon.com/The-Song-Distant-Dove-Pilgrimage/dp/0195315421

All of the bullet points are true (with the last subject to opinion)


Two wonderful collections:

  1. Selected Poems of JEHUDAH HALEVI* (translated into English by Nina Salaman); Jewish Publication Society 1928
  2. THE LITURGICAL POETRY OF RABBI YEHUDA HALEVI by Dov Jarden (שירי הקדש לרבי יהודה הלוי); four volumes

The second collection is probably the most comprehensive collection of HaLevi's poems, except they are without English translation. Barring this fact, otherwise they both meet all five criteria.

*Alternative link here

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