Some have a custom that, when their last child or last daughter (mazinka means youngest daughter) get married, they do a dance with a broom. Where did this come from and is it in any seforim?


What is the source for mezinka and is it in any seforim? Technically it's in Rav Moshe Heinemann's sefer on Hilchos Kiddushin (10:12), but it might not be what you're looking for.

Q: What’s the inyan of a mezinka? A: There is no inyan. It’s not really a Jewish custom. I have no idea what mezinka means other than it’s a Polish word based on a Polish custom. The concept is to sweep out your entire house after your last child is married. It’s not a universal minhag. Some people do the mezinka, but its source is not a Jewish minhag. If you do it, I wouldn’t say it’s אסור.

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