Some have a custom that, when their last child or last daughter (mazinka means youngest daughter) get married, they do a dance with a broom. Where did this come from and is it in any seforim?


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What is the source for mezinka and is it in any seforim? Technically it's in Rav Moshe Heinemann's sefer on Hilchos Kiddushin (10:12), but it might not be what you're looking for.

Q: What’s the inyan of a mezinka? A: There is no inyan. It’s not really a Jewish custom. I have no idea what mezinka means other than it’s a Polish word based on a Polish custom. The concept is to sweep out your entire house after your last child is married. It’s not a universal minhag. Some people do the mezinka, but its source is not a Jewish minhag. If you do it, I wouldn’t say it’s אסור.

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