The g'moro in psochim 2b says that a father who goes to rob his son, will not kill him and therefore if the son kills his father he cannot claim self defence. What about if a mother goes to rob her son and the son kills her, can he claim self defence if he kills her.

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Mabit (vol. 1 ch. 339) writes that this applies specifically to the father; not to the mother. However the Gemara Sanhedrin 72b writes that anytime that one knows that the intruder is a very close beloved friend who wouldn't harm him, then he cannot kill him, so Mabit would agree that if one has such a relationship with his mother then it would be forbidden to kill her. Mabit is here

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    +1 Magid mishna says same about a son who has this love for his father. It just struck me how interesting the wording of the drasha is. Barur licha hadavar kashemesh. In reality, we are discussing someone who does not know the extent of the love so a son who has this question about his father's love for him should assume he won't kill him etc, as rashi points out top of amud beis, the son is misupik. This is what we call barur kashemesh! – user6591 Feb 2 '15 at 15:56
  • Look at Rashi's wording again. It is one of the stranger Rashis I have seen for he says dont kill him misafek, for he certainly doesnt intend to kill you; so which is it: certain or uncertain. – mevaqesh Feb 2 '15 at 16:02
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