Nitei Gavriel Shavuos 29:14 says that one may eat cheese that has worms in it, and there is no prohibition of Sheretz on it. Is this accurate? Does everyone agree with this?

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  • @SethJ: I also thought we'd previously discussed spontaneous generation of worms in halacha before, but couldn't find it. (I seem to remember a question about the fish controversy).
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The Taz 89:4 explains hard cheese as both 6 months old or one that is wormy(Taz notes to be machmir for this case) ,and then would require 6 hours of waiting to eat meat.

The reason why the worms in the cheese is mutar is due to the worms developing inside the cheese(through the belief of spontaneous generation or they weren't visible to the eye ) never had contact with the ground. See siman 84 which discusses when worms and bugs are permitted to eat.

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