What are some good (preferably authoritative) sources that explain the concept and legal ramifications of mitzvos tziboriyos - obligations that fall upon the public as opposed to the individual?

I am thinking specifically of the commandment to build the Temple, but general information or information specific to other mitzvos would be great too.


Hm. R' Yosef Rosen Rogatchover spends some time philosophically addressing "what is a tzibur" as a whole vs. the sum of its parts. More on that here: http://media.libsyn.com/media/kmtt/sheelot_teshuvot_eng_10_5770_BTabory.mp3

Whether weekly Torah reading is an individual or communal obligation is well-hashed out in the Acharonim. Afraid I don't have specific references off-hand for that one. I'd say start with later Halacha seforim and work backwards.

As for building the Temple -- you can always try responsa Binyan Tzion (get the name?) #1. Does the Aruch HaShulchan HaAtid deal with it? Probably does.

Wish I had more helpful or solid references. Good luck!

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