Who knows ninety-one?

Please cite/link your sources, if possible. At some point in the next few days, I will:

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YDK's answer reminded me of another double gematria:

אמן = the names הוי-ה and א-דני, equaling 91.

[Baal Haturim (to Deut. 27:26) comments that this is why "one who answers Amen is greater than the one who recited the blessing" (Berachos 53b), because his Amen encapsulates two Divine names.]


I wouldn't normally do gematrias, but this has a double 91ness:

91 is the gematria of sukkah (malei) as well as the perek number in tehillim which expresses trust in Hashem's protection.

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    Perhaps also alluded to in the phrase צא** מדירת קבע**.
    – Dave
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    Another checkmark for seasonality.
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Eruvin 56a cites Shmuel's statement that the interval between the beginning of one season and the next is 91 days (plus 7.5 hours). This is based on dividing a solar year of [nominally] 365.25 days into 4 parts. (Rashi)


91 are the total number of parshiyos (open and closed sections) in Chumash Bereishis - the least of any of the five chumashim, even though it's the longest of them.


Yaakov was 91 at Yosef's birth.


There are 91 leap years in a cycle of 247 years.

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