In the entire Tanach the moon is generally called Yareach. There are 3 instances where it is called Levana:

וחפרה הלבנה ובושה החמה

והיה אור הלבנה כאור החמה

מי זאת הנשקפה כמו שחר יפה כלבנה

Why is it called Levana at times when most of the times it is known as Yareach?


I wrote an essay about the different words for the moon. What comes out is that basically ירח focuses on the orbital path which the moon takes in travelling the solar system, while לבנה focuses on the moon’s color, and a third word סהר focuses on its shape. See What's in a Word?, "My Three Suns (and Moons)" All three instances to which you refer that the word לבנה appears, the focus is on the physical appearance of the moon, so the word לבנה makes most sense.

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