I am looking to make a list of halachot/minhagim that involve doing something in 1 breath so I can see if I can draw any connections between them. So far, I have 3 things:

the shevarim-tru'ah (or at least the shevarim)

the aseret bnei haman (megillah 16b)

the 15 praises in Yishtabach (according to the shlah)

Are there other mitzvot/halachot/minhagim that require that we do or say something in one breath? (I don't mean "within the time of" but actually IN one breath)

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    Don't forget the stanzas of Chad Gadya, Mi Yodeya, and Adir Hu! – Seth J Mar 5 '13 at 14:43

Rambam Hilchos Yibum V'Chalitza 4:3 says that the lady is supposed to be able to say Lo Ava in one breath.

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