We know there is a famous Drash of "Som Tasim Alecha Melech". From here we have several Diyukim:

  1. Melech velo Malka - How do we have a woman mod?
  2. Melech (singular) - we can only have one mod. How do we have 3?

If they are not legal, is there Dina D'Malchusa regarding stackexchange? Do I have to obey them?

This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken completely seriously. See the Purim Torah policy.

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A moderator is more of a shoter than a melekh, from D'varim 16:18:

שֹׁפְטִ֣ים וְשֹֽׁטְרִ֗ים תִּֽתֶּן־לְךָ֙ בְּכָל־שְׁעָרֶ֔יךָ

This is clearly plural.

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    Clearly, then, women may also serve as mods. – Seth J Feb 22 '13 at 18:25
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    This answer could be improved with some explanation of the difference between Melech and Shoter and how mods are more like the latter. @SethJ, Devora was a shofetet, not a shoteret. Are you saying that the latter follows from the former by kal vechomer, by juxtaposition (hekesh) in the verse in Devarim, or by some other mechanism? – Isaac Moses Feb 22 '13 at 19:17
  • @IsaacMoses You're right, I didn't read the answer carefully enough. I was focused on the Pasuk. However, I believe the mods also serve as Shofetim. – Seth J Feb 22 '13 at 19:43

According to Stack Exchange, moderators are custodians and human exception-handlers. When's the last time you saw a king doing his own custodial work?

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    I know I'm not supposed to break character, but I'm literally cracking up at this question! – Aarthi Feb 22 '13 at 4:22
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    I guess the mod job would include spackling cracks, too. I'll be right over! – Monica Cellio Feb 22 '13 at 4:29
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    @Aarthi For full effect: drash==exposition, som tasim alecha melech==the opening of Deuteronomy 17:15, melech velo malka == king but not queen, melech == king (not kings), dina demalchusa == follow the laws of the land when they don't contradict halacha. – Double AA Feb 22 '13 at 4:30
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    @Aarthi Hey cool, I can upvote your comment twice! Once on meta and once here. :) – HodofHod Feb 22 '13 at 22:21

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