If you own a home that you rent out, are you obligated to place a Mezuzah (or Mezuzoth) on that property?

What if the property is attached to your home, such as a basement apartment or add-on suite?


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The Mishneh Torah, in Hilkhot Tefilin u-Mzuzah ve-Sefer Tora 5:11, says( see also Shulchan Arukh, Yoreh De'ah 291:2):

המשכיר בית לחברו--על השוכר להביא מזוזה ולקבוע אותה, אפילו היה נותן שכר על קביעתה: מפני שהמזוזה חובת הדר היא, ואינה חובת הבית

In English:

When a person rents a dwelling to a colleague, the tenant is obligated to obtain a Mezuzah and affix it. [This applies] even if he would pay to have it affixed. [The rationale is] that a Mezuzah is an obligation incumbent on the person dwelling [in the house], and is not incumbent on the house

I would say that the same would apply to the attached property( such as a basement apartment or add-on suite).

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