Rabbi Isaac Alfasi's summary of tractate Niddah is hidden in masechet Shevuot. Why is it buried in maseches Shevuos?


It is not all in Shavout, there is some in Yevamot. I think the reason is because there is only about one or two perakim that are הלכה למעשה (like הרואה כתם) in Niddah, so the Rif wrote down the halachos thereof on masechtos that he was writing on anyway that have sugyas about Niddah, like the end of the second perek of Shavuot.

  • +1. But didn't he know that would make things more confusing for readers of his digest (Sefer HaHalachos)? – tealhill Feb 1 '13 at 18:19
  • the rif's halachos were originally written/printed as a separate sefer, so they were all together anyway. also, they only question is why he didn't write on maseches nidda. other than that, it is perfectly normal to write about halachos as they come up, which is exactly what he does in shavuos and yevamos. – moses Feb 3 '13 at 2:52

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