There is an obligation to set "times for learning torah." How exactly does one fulfill this obligation? Do you have to designate specific times in the day e.g. 9-9:30 am, or can it be a specific amount of time of learning each day at any time? And does it have to be time specifically? (As opposed to pages, etc.) sources, please.


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The obligation to set aside time daily to learn Torah is discussed in Shulchan Aruch OC Siman 155 and Siman 238. The wording of Shulchan Aruch ("He should establish a time to learn. This time should be set, and he should not skip it, even if he things he will make allot of profit") seems to imply it should be a specific time in the day. The Seder Hayom (a contemporary of the Beis Yosef) and Kaf HaChaim (Ois 13) both emphasize it should be a set time in the day.

The question whether it should be a set amount of time or a set amount of material is discussed in the Sefer "Betoraso Yehege" (pg. 339 footnote 11). From the above sources it would seem it should be a an amount of time, however the Mishna Berura in OC 238:2 seems to imply it could be an amount of pages. He writes that R' Chaim Kanievesky wrote to him that either is acceptable.

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