In Germany we recently started a debate, whether foreskin-amputation of children (not only Jews, but Muslims as well) has to be forbidden according to our fundamental laws.

Some magazine illustrated their article with a big glass which contained foreskins, but I can't find it again. From my impression, it looked like something from a museum and I associate it with Jewish, not Muslim tradition.

So my question is: Is there a tradition to collect the foreskin? I think I read that the Mohel takes his foreskins into the grave. Is this true (maybe only in some regions)? If so - does anybody have a link to such an image?

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after the circumcision, the foreskin is buried (some prepare a dish with dirt in it to "bury" the foreskin immediately). Some bury it in earth that has a new tree planted in it as a symbolic connection but the operative point is respect and burial for the body part.

cf Do surgically removed body parts require Kevurah?

the comments on the question which refer to the code of Jewish law stating that the foreskin must be covered in sand and dirt.


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