Can I find anywhere a comprehensive list of every single person that is mentioned in Tanach. Including somewhat "biographical" information, who they were, family, what they did, how they fit into Tanach, etc.


I suggest Ishei Hatanach / Encyclopedia Of Biblical Personalities Anthologized from the Talmud, Midrash, and Rabbinic writings by Yishai Chasidah. It's an Artscroll product.

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    There's also a Hebrew version, I think – b a Nov 28 '12 at 2:03
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    This is a good one. I found it on someone's bookshelf once and spent an entire Shabbath drawn into it. – Seth J Nov 28 '12 at 14:59

I found this website online: http://www.tanakhprofiles.org/showentries.php.

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    Nice find. [15] – Seth J Nov 28 '12 at 15:01

Wikipedia has two great lists. Very thorough - just filter out the New Testament... No midrash though - it's very pshat.



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