Who knows three hundred and eight?

?שמונה ושלוש מאות - מי יודע

In the spirit of the song "Echad - mi yodeya", please post interesting and significant Jewish facts about the number 308.

If you feel the need to discuss lazy gematria, please resist.

Check out for the previous three hundred and seven entries in this ongoing series.

Please include sources for your information wherever possible, as with all other answers on this site.

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    – msh210
    Nov 26, 2012 at 16:52
  • @msh210 - It's up to you. Personally, I'd consider rounding a more natural convention than flooring to get from a number expressed in units to an integer number of thousands.
    – Isaac Moses
    Nov 26, 2012 at 16:55
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    Well, it's at half a thousand: rounding up or down is only a convention anyway. So 307 is the floor and round and 308 is the ceiling and round. Sorta. But "307" is mentioned in words in the pasuk. So I think I'll not post it here. Of course, anyone else can.
    – msh210
    Nov 26, 2012 at 18:02

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Rabbi Elazar of Vermaiza (1165-1240) published the Sefer HaRokeach ספר הרקח. He called it Sefer HaRokeach since both Elazar - his name, and Rokeach = 308

In one of his Seforim פירוש רבינו אלעזר מגרמייזא על התורה ועל מגילת אסתר פ’ קרח טז:א he says that Korach was upset about Elazar being given the position of נשיא נשיאי הלוי (Bamidbar 3:32) and he said that Elazar is equivalent to me, even our names are both equal since both (קרח & אלעזר) Elazar and Korach = 308.

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    +1 Wow! I know comments aren't meant for this, but you really have lots of knowledge (or extraordinary search capabilities)
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