I carry a mincha/maariv bentcher in my pocket, and I keep it wrapped in a paper covering in case I walk into the bathroom. (I know that some hold that bathrooms today don't need a double covering, but I prefer to keep a double covering)

My question is - does the covering need to be opaque, or can I use for example a clear polyethylene sandwich bag?

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    Victor Grazi, welcome to Mi Yodeya and thank you for contributing this interesting question! Remember that anything you read here should be treated like information from a group of friends and is not a substitute for qualified rabbinic advice in actual circumstances. That said, I look forward to seeing you around.
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    Thanks, of course I will keep that in mind. It would be great if responders could quote a source for easy checking Commented Nov 5, 2012 at 23:56

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The Mishnah Brurah (40:7) says that it's okay for one of the two coverings to be clear, but not both of them.

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