Who knows three hundred and six?

?שישה ושלוש מאות - מי יודע

In the spirit of the song "Echad - mi yodeya", please post interesting and significant Jewish facts about the number 306.

And that which can be classified as lazy gematria, you must shoo away.

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Please include sources for your information wherever possible, as with all other answers on this site.

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Both Ishah (as אשה) and Devash (דבש) have a Gematria of 306.

Even though I found, through Google, a lot of positive mention of the equality between Ishah and Devash (even one, at the bottom of the page, who claims Kabalistic importance of the equality), none gave sources.

The one reference I did find, is from Midrash Rabeinu Bahye for Vayiqra 2:11, s.v. Ki Khol She'or ve-Khol Devash Lo Taqtiru mi-Menu Isheh la-Shem:

ודבש ג"כ יצר הרע כי דב״ש בגימטריא אשה והאשה היא יצה״ר. כי כן מצינו בארם הראשון כשחטא אמר(בראשית ג) האשה אשר נתתה מעמדי. רצה לומר יצר הרע שיצרח בי. והאשה אמרה הנחש השיאני וזה סוד נחש והאשה והאיבה

In my translation:

And Honey is Yetzer ha-Ra for Devash (דבש) in Gematria is Ishah (אשה) and the Ishah is Yetzer ha-Ra. For we find in Adam ha-Rishon when he sinned he said (Bereshit 3:12) 'the Ishah which you gave with me', meaning to say 'the Yetzer ha-Ra that you created in me'. And the Ishah said 'the Nachash tricked me', and this is the Sod of Nachash and the Ishah and the enmity.



FROM THE CHASIDIC MASTERS The Hebrew word for honey is, “Dvash.” The numerical equivalent of this word is 306, which is the same as the words, “Av Harachamim” [Our father of mercy], and evokes Hashem’s compassion for his children.

Bnei Yissochor says that Kisleiv = 306 when spelled out as follows כף סמך למד וו. This is the same as "Av Harachamim". Although he says that he will elaborate further I have been unable to find where he does.

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