It says (Tehilim 34:10):

יראו את ה' קדושיו כי אין מחסור ליראיו

Why do we tell the holy ones to fear God because they will lack nothing? The Mishnah (Avos 1:3) says one should serve God without intending to receive reward. Obviously, not everyone is on that level, as the Tosafos Yom Tov explains there, but I would have thought the קדושיו that are mentioned are on that level?


The Radak explains that קדושיו refers to the ascetics of the world, just like a nazir is called "kadosh" for being an ascetic (similar to the language of נזיר אחיו "[Yosef] elevated over his brothers" (ba)). He is telling them not to fear that they will run out of things to feed themselves — fear only G-d.

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