As a Gabbai Sheni I have noticed that often the Gabbai has a difficult time getting someone to daven from the Amud. Some Shuls have paid Chazonim, yet others can not afford that. What can a Gabbai do in order to get people to be willing to Daven from the Amud?

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    Why can't he daven himself?
    – b a
    Aug 28, 2012 at 16:18
  • Pay them. |||||
    – Double AA
    Aug 28, 2012 at 16:43
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    The Gabbai Davened last night, last week, and two weeks ago. How often does he have to Daven himself? Aug 28, 2012 at 17:13
  • Ask the rabbi to speak about how people don't need to be that humble.
    – Seth J
    Aug 28, 2012 at 17:15
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    – WAF
    Dec 6, 2013 at 11:20

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I was talking to a friend of mine today about this question and he told me that recently he was in a Shul and no one wanted to Daven Musaf for the Amud. The Gabai has already Davened Shacharis and read the Kriyas HaTorah. So the Gabai made a loud announcement "Good Shabbos - Thanks for all of you joining with our Minyan. I am leaving now and will come back once someone goes to Daven Musaf" and he went out of the Shul. Within a minute someone went up to Daven.

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    +1. Similarly, I've seen a gabay ask around, and, when no one accepted the role, simply stop asking and take his place.
    – msh210
    Aug 28, 2012 at 19:32
  • In some shuls, it is a game of chicken. Everyone wants that someone should daven mussaf so they can get home. It's just a matter of keeping calm and waiting. I suggest taking a sefer and learning. Jan 1, 2019 at 20:56

I would arrange for a chazan ahead of time, not right before davening. You probably know who the good chazanim are, so simply ask them a few days in advance and make a schedule (for yourself).

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