I once read a post on Answering-Islam about the Height of Adam, and it said that the Islamic view of Adam was simple Muhammad copying the Jewish stories/belief's about Adam. As I don't know what stories could possibly be told (nor how to understand them) about Adam and his 'stature', I thought it best to come to the source.

How tall was Adam, according to Judaism?


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Rashi (Baba Batra 75A) explains that both @DoubleAA and @ba are correct.

The Talmud (Chagiga 12A) says that Adam was created as tall as one end of the heavens to the other (also described as from earth to the heavens), but after he sinned G-d made him smaller.

Rashi (Baba Batra 75A) explains that when G-d made Adam smaller, he shrunk him to 100 Cubits.

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One opinion brought on Bava Batra 75a says Adam was 100 cubits tall (approximately 150 ft).


Jewish tradition says that Adam was as tall as one end of the heaven to another.

Source: Rashi, Devarim 4:32

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