I've heard that סמאל (Samael, a "bad" angel) is related to the word שמאל (left). Is there any basis for this, and are there any other explanations for his name?

The Hebrew Wikipedia claims that it is connected to "סומא" (blindness) and "אל" (God; the suffix on many angel names), but it doesn't bring a source (it says "[דרוש מקור]").

The Hebrew Wikitionary mentions another possibility (in addition to "סומא"), that it comes from "סם" (potion, poison), but says that neither has any proofs.

This question is looking for academic answers, based on reliable sources. However, more midrashic answers such as acronyms are also acceptable.

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I have collected the answers I and others found. Please update with any other possibilities you find.

Etymologies based on reliable academic sources

  • The Jewish Encyclopedia brings two possible etymologies:
    1. "סם-אל" ("the venom of God") - Samael is the angel of death, who kills with a drop of poison (apparently based on this book, pgs. 69 and 71 - can someone who understands German verify this?).
    2. From the "Syrian god Shemal" - apparently based on "Bousset, 'Religion,' p. 242" (I don't know what this book is). According to The Origin ff Our Belief in God (Erik Langkjer - does anyone know anything about this?) the name of this God comes from the word "left". This means that Samael is indirectly related to שמאל (Hebrew left).

Other Etymologies

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I have heard in the name of the Klauzenberger Rebbe Zatzal that סמאל is the Malach that does all in his power that people should not make a Siyum. Therefore סמאל is ראשי תיבות

"סיום מסכת אין לעשות"


I heard of a different explanation that סמאל is סמ אל - the potion/medicine/poison (it can be any of those depending on context) of Hashem - but I'm not 100% sure how that fits in with the part that he is a "bad" angel. ("" on the bad because really everything an angel does is what Hashem tells him to do and Hashem is the ultimate "Tov Vehameitiv")

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  • Seems to be also in Hebrew wikitionary.
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