Regarding the Chassidic text written in 1840 entiled Pri Yitzchak that details all 613 Mitzvot and the corresponding 248 limbs for positive mitzvot and 365 sinews for negative commandments.

My Rabbi (Rebbe Douglas) is searching for this rare book and I am also searching to help find it for him. I found your comments relating to this book and would like to ask if anyone determined where the book can be purchased or borrowed from - is it online anywhere? I would deeply appreciate help in locating this for him.


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You can find the entire text first forty pages online here, and then need to pay in order to download the rest. You don't need to register in order to get rid of that annoying pop-up: just click to enter the site as a guest. As you can see, the full title is פרי יצחק: כולל ביאור תרי"ג מצות ברמז, and the author is Rabbi Yitzhak ben Tzvi Hirsch. It was first printed in Vilna, 1834.


I am beginning a class today on the work Pri Yitzchak and other sources . All are welcome: Todays Class 8/6/20 at 1 p.m.: The Body/Mitzvah Connection Part 1 - LIMBS of the SOUL https://us04web.zoom.us/j/667968197?pwd=ZTRzMjZIUVRBT0puRzluRlRxc1hBZz09

recordings can be found on Ladies Who Learn (facebook group)

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  • Has anyone been able to purchase /download pages after the first 40?
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