I have Davened in a few Shuls where they have split up Shacharis between two Chiyuvim. (One Davens until Ashrei after Tachanun / One davens from Ashrei until the end.) What is the source for doing so?

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Beur Halacha 132 discusses drawing lots to determine who leads the service and then adds (in my own loose translation):

… and all this is when they can't both lead the service; if they can, and both are acceptable to the congregation, then let them draw lots [only] to determine who leads until "Ashre–Uva l'tziyon" and who leads from there on.

  • A note. Normally the shaliach tzibbur need not take three steps backward after his repetition of the Amidah; the three steps after the Kaddish Tiskabel are sufficient. But when the shaliach tzibbur(1) will not say Kaddish Tiskabel as here when the davenning is split, he will need to take the three steps back. Commented Jul 10, 2012 at 20:53
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