What is the source for brachos and amen parties wherein a group of people sit together and take turns making various brachot and answering amen? Do these events violate any halachot?

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    That's called a brachot party? I thought the proper name for that was Tu Bishvat Seder. – Adam Mosheh Jun 14 '12 at 8:12

I've gone to two and they've been very inspiring with a lot of Torah teachings and stories of miracles. There were women of all ages and even some children from second and third grade up. We were given sheets to put the names of people who need a refuah, or assistance in any way in the different categories and told to think about them when we got up to that bracha. There is also a page of "yehi ratzons" or extended prayers to say after each of the brachas. It wasn't about eating. Most people took small amounts of food, just enough to say a bracha. It was about opening the heavens to hear our prayers and answer them. There are less foods than at a Tu Bishvat Seder or (on Rosh Hashana), and there's only one cup of "hagefen." There were women there from all different shuls, and several rebbetzins. The rebbetzin leading the evening encouraged us all to take on something extra in our observance of mitzvot. The party I was just at also gave tremendous chizuk to a young mother of six children who was just diagnosed with cancer for whom the evening was dedicated. I don't see how or why it would be construed as problematic.

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