I don't think I've ever seen a rationalization for this custom in works earlier than those of the Acharonim. I've never seen any Rishonim even mention it; certainly not earlier authors.

What's the earliest source we have for the eating-dairy custom? Or does anyone mention how old it is?

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The custom of eating dairy on Shavuos is mentioned by several ראשונים including:

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    Michoel, welcome to Mi Yodeya and thanks for the informative answer! I hope you stick around and enjoy the site. Do you have a citation for where Rabenu Avig'dor mentions this custom?
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    This is a great opportunity where translating Hebrew would elucidate the answer.
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although the custom is cited as regional minhag with different variations by several rishonim - some milk and honey etc, (as mentioned above) nevertheless the first to codify it as a minhag for yisrael was the rema in oc 494,3. see here

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