I am looking for sources about the necessity for finding a מנין. More specifically, whether or not one has to always be in close range of a מנין, or if he can intentionally put himself in a position in which he cannot get to one.

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The sefer meishiv nivonim OC siman 13 answers a question about if one could go to kivrei tzadikkim in poland if one knows there won't be a minyan there. He comes out one should not do it but he gets there with many mekors for it. Some sources: Tur siman 89,Minchas Yitzchak 7 siman 6,Igros Moshe OC 2:27,Shulchan Aruch Harav siman 17, Eretz Tzvi siman 22,Yad Eliyahu siman 6,Maharil siman 118,there are more in the sefer.


A Google search (for "davening with a minyan") turns up:

...and many other excellent sources (including our very own!), which in turn bring lots of their own sources.


You might also want to look up sources about the more general question of putting oneself in a position where one is unable to do a mitzvah. This is relevant, among others, to the question of being "on a distant journey" and therefore unable to offer the korban Pesach; see Minchas Chinuch 5 and a great deal of commentary on that. (There is in fact a booklet on Hebrewbooks - חיוב מצוות הזמניות קודם זמן המצוה - that discusses many different issues and sub-issues in this regard.)

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