Who knows two hundred ninety-six?

?ששה ותשעים ומאתים - מי יודע

In the spirit of the song "Echad - mi yodeya", please post interesting and significant Jewish facts about the number 296.

Don't run after lazy gematria unless it's rock-solid.

Check out for the previous two hundred ninety-five entries in this ongoing series.

Please include sources for your information wherever possible, as with all other answers on this site.

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The timeline of the leaders of Chassidus and then of Chabad (beginning with the Baal Shem Tov and ending with the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe - an example is here) spans 296 years, from the Baal Shem Tov's birth in 5458 (1698) to the seventh Rebbe's passing in 5754 (1994).


According to the statistics of 1898 there were 296 Jewish colonies [in Russia] (apart from those in Poland), comprising 305,407 acres.

—Israel Cohen, Jewish Life in Modern Times

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