What is the permissible way to use a non-kosher toaster oven? My thought process was that, when cooking milk in a meat oven, the covering of the dish and the rack makes it acceptable.

Would covering the food and the rack be enough to cook in a non-kosher toaster oven?

Does the fact that it's a toaster oven change anything?


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R Yitzchok Yaakov Fuchs (in his book Hakashrut, p. 665) writes

Baking ovens and toaster ovens that were used for meat and dairy foods and even for prohibited foods may be used to bake or warm up kosher food on the condition that the food placed inside is wrapped hermetically in two wrappings.

In any event only kosher baking tins or disposable ones may be used and not the banking tins and dishes that are inside.

The difference between a regular oven and a toaster oven is that

a toaster oven has limited space inside with the heating element in the rook of the appliance exposed. While it is in use it tends to get dirty and it is very difficult to clean completely

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