anyone know someone or has a sefer they're looking for support to help print? I want to help print a sefer, specifically preferably in the realm of chassidus or halacha. any chance someone knows a person that may need help? (specifically i want to find a way to support the seforim of R' Yitzchak Meir Morgenstern Shlit"a so if anyone has any connections would be appreciated.)


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Here is the information of Rabbi Morgenstern' organization that publishes his Seforim currently. This is from the first pages of the one of his Seforim. I am positive they'll be happy to hear about your offer

הוצאת ”מכון ים החכמה”

שע”י ישיבת ”תורת חכם” ללימוד הנגלה והנסתר

ירושלים עיה”ק תובב”א

ת.ד. 5245 ירושלים

טלפקס: 02-5289583 נייד: 057-3153884

דוא”ל [email protected]


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