I once stayed at hotel directly on the beach and the pool water was taken from the ocean. I was wondering if in hindsight I could count my swims there as מקווה בדיעבד.

If the answer is "it depends" please tell me what exactly it depends on.

I hold like R Moshe Feinstein that swimming for medical purposes is ok as long as you dont look at the Women.

  • Was it taken to the pool in buckets? All water was kosher mikvah water at some point upstream
    – Double AA
    Commented Jun 21 at 0:16
  • No there was a pipe underground
    – zunior
    Commented Jun 21 at 0:18
  • 1
    Do you see how this case is no different from any pool or tub? There's hundreds of rules of how to transfer/collect water without invalidating it for a mikvah
    – Double AA
    Commented Jun 21 at 0:20
  • Im wondering if its different because the water is closer to its source
    – zunior
    Commented Jun 21 at 0:22

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It cannot, given that parts of the piping, pumps, filtration system etc. that the get the water to the pool are considered Keilim with a Bais Kibbul and as such make the water Mayim Sheuvim that will invalidate them for a mikva.

For example see part of the article by Rabbi Jachter

Accordingly, the rainwater must reach the Mikva without ever having been in a receptacle. We, therefore, pay careful attention that the pipes that bring the water to the Mikva should not constitute a receptacle. The pipes should ideally be smooth without indentations (see Rama Y.D. 201:36 and Pitchei Teshuva 201:24). Ideally, elbow pipes should be avoided as the Raavad (gloss to Rambam Hilchot Mikvaot 8:7) seems to believe that they constitute a receptacle. For a lengthy discussion of the practical aspects regarding pipes that are used to transport rain from the roof to the Mikva, see Rav Yirmiyah Katz, Mikva Mayim 3:142-218).

  • Why is that a given?
    – Double AA
    Commented Jun 21 at 1:20
  • "Taken from the ocean" how do you take water from an ocean to the pool
    – Yoreinu
    Commented Jun 21 at 1:21
  • I don't know. Do you?
    – Double AA
    Commented Jun 21 at 1:22

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