In this answer, @Schmerel quotes the Brisker Rav as having seen a maamar from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M M Schneerson, and commented that the Lubavitcher Rebbe believes he is Moshiach. Here is the wording from the above answer:

As is well known, after seeing the maamer "Basi Legani" the Brisker Rav immediately said "this person talked into himself that he is Mosiach and we are going to ...from him in the future"

My father who was a Lubavitcher bochur in the 1950s said that back then even in Chabad it was known that the Brisker Rav had said that and that other Gedolim felt that way too (in general terms), but it was vehemently denied that Chabad would ever embrace it's current messianism focus or proclaim the rebbe to be mosiach.

Is this comment of the Brisker Rav - or any other comment regarding the Lubavitcher Rebbe - documented anywhere? I'm looking for sources, context or further details about the Brisker Rav's view.

Please don't react to this question because you are pro- or anti- Chabad. This question is not seeking to attack anyone, just looking for a source.

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    @mbloch - While I respect your view that this is about Jewish People and not Judaism, I personally consider analysis of the Brisker Rav's perspective of anything as Torah, especially his position on something as nuanced and confusing as Chabad.
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    @MichoelR - That's one of the reasons this quote is so interesting - the Brisker Rav's penetrating foresight to see the direction this was heading, long before the signs were in the open.
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    @mbloch (and the other closure voters) please explain how this is not about Judaism. Rabbi A transmits theological treatise, Rabbi B reputedly comments about Rabbi A's eschatological view thought to be revealed by theological treatise. Given the stature of the rabbis under scrutiny, questioner seeks to verify validity of report as it has ramifications for how we view this religious topic. I genuinely do not understand. Votes to close should not be used to silence questions we simply do not like or make us feel uncomfortable. Commented Jun 21 at 11:32
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    @Deuteronomy Second. This is clearly a dispute about the Torah between gedolim and as such clearly relevant to this site.
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    It didn't "suddenly break" It broke after the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe took over. Even in Chabad itself itself it is acknowledged that the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe did and said things that no pervious Lubavitcher Rebbe did or said such type things .
    – Schmerel
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It is documented in על התורה ועל התמורה, p. 104:

הרב מבריסק: כשקרא את שיחתו הראשונה “באתי לגני” – תש”י עם עלותו על כס האדמורו”ת, התבטא (בפני הגר”ד פינקל) “דער מישוגינער רעט זיך איין אז ער איז משיח”! ואנו עוד נסבול ממנו בעתיד.

A better translation would be: "This meshuggeneh is saying about himself that he is mashiach, and we will suffer more from this."

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    Why not just quote the original? No one knows if the inflammatory language is actually his or is yours
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    R Shach shared similar sentiments. We all know you can't criticize the Rebbe online, everyone knows the rules.
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    @deuternomy thanks for the edit. :)
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    @DoubleAA Google is wrong. Maybe the typo I fixed contributed.
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    @EdwardB The book says the source of the quote is Rav Dovid Finkel. He was considered a close student of the Brisker Rav. See here: mishpacha.com/leader-of-the-lions-rav-leib-malin
    – N.T.
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