I've heard different reports as to where Maimonides is buried. Where is his Kever located? I've seen videos saying that he's buried outside of Israel.

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    I have seen the kever in Tiberias.
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  • Assuming the site in Tiberias is actually where is buried, I've always found it a sad irony that massive memorial structures have been built over the site (seemingly increasing in size with every generation), despite his formulation of the halakhah as follows: ד ומציינין את הקברות, ובונין נפש על הקבר; והצדיקים, אין בונים להם נפש על קברותיהן--דבריהם הם זכרונם. ולא יפנה אדם לבקר הקברות. Commented May 31 at 18:04
  • The consensus (which is relatively well founded IMHO) is largely that he is buried in Tiberias, however there are other minority views that suggest he is buried in Hebron or Egypt. It would be interesting to see someone present these alternatives (even if only to debunk them) in the answers below. Commented May 31 at 19:16

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See this article on the website of the Maimonides Heritage Center: How do we Know Maimonides is Actually Buried in Tiberias?

when it comes to the burial site of Maimonides the tradition is almost as ancient as his death. The earliest source that identifies Maimonides‟ burial site in Tiberias dates back to 1258 some 54 years after Maimonides died.

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The Seder HaDorot writes explicitly that the rambam was buried in Tiberias.Seder Hadorot pg 199

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    A more reliable "jewish" source Commented May 31 at 4:39
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    What makes this source particularly reliable? Was the other source not Jewish?
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