First, you ate some bread. Next, you ate some pareve chili which was cooked in a meat pot. You haven't said the Blessing after Meals yet.

Now you'd like to eat some dairy food.

A.) Must you say Grace after Meals immediately before eating the dairy food, in order to try to make the dairy food become a "separate meal"?

B.) If bentsching before eating the dairy food is unnecessary: Why is it unnecessary?

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  • Is the pot a Ben yomo? Has the pot been thoroughly cleaned before use? If there was still meat residue in the pot itself then it doesn't matter if it was parve.. Commented May 24 at 10:24
  • @Awtsmoos no even then it's ok, see Shach YD 89:19
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In the case of parve food cooked in a clean meat pot, there is no need to wait before eating dairy and no need to say birkat hamazon. Indeed should the parve food become mixed together with milk, you could even eat them together after the fact.

R Yitzchak Yaakov Fuchs describes it in his book Hakashrut (p. 373)

One may eat dairy foods immediately after eating parve food that was cooked in a meaty pot even if the pot was not thoroughly cleansed from the greasiness of the meat that was cooked earlier in it.

(YD 89:3 with Schach 19. See also here for a summary, and here for the detailed laws. Please note that this doesn't mean you can mix the chili together with dairy.)

Saying birkat hamazon might in fact create a problematic situation of unnecessary blessings. This is because you knew before saying birkat hamazon that you still wanted to eat more.

In this area, small details can make a big difference. So, consult your rabbi before implementing anything you learn here.


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