Are vapes kosher for Pesach being as the liquid, even if it would contain chometz, isn't fitting for a dog to eat?

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dinonline and R Daniel Stein both forbid it without kosher supervision

R Daniel Stein

Additionally, the Magen Avraham (467:10) prohibits cigarettes containing beer-soaked tobacco on Pesach, even though the tobacco is presently inedible (see Beis Meir.) Rav Moshe Schick (Maharam Schick, Orach Chaim 242) explains that since the beer-soaked tobacco is designed for inhalation and it has a pleasant flavor when inhaled, the tobacco can still be considered fit for consumption and remains prohibited. This is presumably predicated upon the notion that inhalation can sometimes be considered a form of imbibing (see also Magen Avraham 210:9). Similarly, since the e-juice is intended for inhalation and enjoyable when inhaled, it would retain its status as a forbidden food and as a result it should require kashrus supervision.


E-cigarettes need to be certified kosher for Passover. because they have various flavors, that come from a lot of places, and the persons intention is to ingest it


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