In Let My Nation Live by Yosef Deutsch, p358, he claims that Achashverosh earned Olam Haba.

There is no footnote on that paragraph, but the preceding paragraph's footnote lists Rokeach; Yedei Moshe; R' Shmuel di Uzidah; Yad Hamelech. The next paragraph's footnote lists Shekalim, ch. 5; see Gra; Tzemach David to Seder Olam 29; see Rashi to Megilla 11b; Targum Rishon 1:1; Eshkol Hakofer.

I haven't been able to look up all of these, and none of the ones I had access to (mainly the Gra and Rashi mentions) state that he earned Olam Haba. However, I was just wondering if anyone could confirm the source, and, for bonus, explain how it taitches with the vort "Achashverosh hu Achashverosh - he was the same before and after the events of Purim."

  • The footnotes are going on separate points? The first referring to how Mordechai was less popular amongst the less righteous Jews who he rebuked / those who were jealous of his wealth and power. The second batch are talking about when Daryaveish became king, Mordechai resigned and would eventually have a role in preparing the bird offering in the Beis Hamikdash - its nothing to do with Achashveirosh at all?
    – Dov
    Mar 25 at 20:50
  • @Dov do you know that from looking them up, or from assuming that they are only talking about what their own paragraph mentions?
    – Rabbi Kaii
    Mar 25 at 20:51
  • I saw a few and no mention of olam habah
    – Dov
    Mar 25 at 21:19
  • Maybe because he's off this list sefaria.org/Mishnah_Sanhedrin.10.2?lang=he&with=all. Though the meforshim explain that the Mishna only mentions wise people who you might think would get olam haba anyway
    – AKA
    Mar 26 at 5:29
  • פוקד עוון אבות על בנים
    – zunior
    Mar 27 at 1:04


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