Are מתיהדים also known as geirim or proselytes, the descendants of converts to the Israelite religion, required to give precedence to Yisra'Elim today?



What about when Moshiach arrives?

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    Gerim are generally considered to be converts themselves, for almost all purposes mentioned in your article their children already count as "Israelites". Commented Mar 20 at 21:59
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    Please clarify (in the question!) what you mean by "required to give precedence". Precedence is not (usually?) owned by an individual, for him to give. It is something the community/congregation/group gives to him. For instance, an Isra'eli doesn't own precedence in going up to the first reading from the Torah, so that he is required to give it to a Kohen. It is the congregation (through the Gabbai) that gives the Kohen the precedence.
    – Tamir Evan
    Commented Mar 22 at 15:18


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