I remember learning in Yoreh Deah about a halachic case about a child who fell into honey and died, and the Tosfos Yom Tov declared the honey not kosher. Where is that story found?

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The Beth Hillel (YD 103:2) of R. Hillel Herz brings it down from the work Torath ha-Asham of R. Gershon Shaul Lipmann Heller (aka the Tosafoth Y"T) who wrote about the incident occurring in Kraków, Poland. The Friedman edition of the SA with the Beth Hillel printed in the back has a footnote that states:

בתורת האשם שלפנינו לא נמצא זה

Indicating that our editions of R. Heller's Torath ha-Asham do not have the story. Nevertheless the incident seems to have entered the halakhic discourse. You can find a list of sources on the topic here:

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