Does anyone have a list of things it says in the Gemara that specifically מאריכין לו ימיו ושנותיו? Not sure if such a list exists but if not, can people just name whatever places they know of in Shas that say this.

For example, 2 that come to mind are in Berachot where it says whoever does shnayim mikra has his days extended, and it also says this by one who extends his Amen

  • Weeeel, if you want to get technical, aaand, you think you’re from עילי הכהן, the Gemara in Rosh Hashanah says that learning Torah, and doing גמילת חסדים helps. Abaye was from עילי and learned Torah and did גמילת חסדים, and he lived till 60, even though those from עילי only lived till about 18.
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  • @hayam lol not that technical, just anything with the exact language of מאריכין that chazal advise us to do Commented Mar 12 at 3:39
  • There's a list in מסכת מגילה but I don't know where exactly
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    Commented Mar 12 at 12:49
  • @zunior yeah I know what you’re referring to it’s where all the rabbis tell their students what they did for a long life. Commented Mar 12 at 15:29
  • The two I remember are 1. no nicknames amd 2. No using Shuls as a shortcut when walking
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    Commented Mar 12 at 15:35

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Listing the ones not already mentioned in the question or in the comments (as far as I know there are no other examples in Shas that have the exact words מאריכין לו ימיו ושנותיו):

Brachot 13b

תניא סומכוס אומר: כל המאריך ב״אחד״, מאריכין לו ימיו ושנותיו.

"It was taught in a baraita, Sumakhos says: One who extends his intonation of the word One [eḥad] while reciting Shema, is rewarded that his days and years are extended.

Brachot 22a

אמר רבי ינאי: שמעתי שמקילין בה ושמעתי שמחמירין בה, וכל המחמיר בה על עצמו מאריכין לו ימיו ושנותיו.

"With regard to this ritual immersion, Rabbi Yannai said: I heard that there are those who are lenient with regard to it and I have heard that there are those who are stringent with regard to it. The halakha in this matter was never conclusively established and anyone who accepts upon himself to be stringent with regard to it, they prolong for him his days and years. (About going into mikveh with 40 Seah).

Pesachim 104b

תנא משמיה דרבי יהושע בן חנניא: כל החותם ״מקדש ישראל והמבדיל בין קודש לחול״ מאריכין לו ימיו ושנותיו.

"It was taught in the name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Ḥananya: Anyone who concludes the havdala blessing with the combined formula: Who sanctifies Israel and distinguishes between sacred and profane, God will lengthen his days and years."

  • Thank you for these! Commented May 29 at 12:00

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