The Halacha prohibits sleeping over food due to ruah rah. Some poskim rule this doesn’t apply if a gentile sleeps over it. My question is, does this also apply if the person who sleeps over it is a Jewish child under bar/bat mitzvah age?

  • It's not a kashrus issue. As for whether it applies to a child's bed, see here and here.
    – shmosel
    Commented Mar 8 at 22:42
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    Kirk, the link in your first sentence doesn't support it. It quotes various poskim who don't think the issue is sleeping but just being under a bed, who don't think the issue is ruah rah, and who don't say food which was slept over (or placed under a bed) is forbidden after the fact. At best, just ask "According to the poskim who hold of an issue with food under a bed, is a child's bed included?"
    – Double AA
    Commented Mar 10 at 0:39

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See here: May food be placed under a crib or bed of a child?

Some Poskim (Shearim Hametzuyanum Behalacha 33 Kuntrus Acharon 5; Hakashrus 18:29 [p. 436]) rule it is permitted to do so. Other Poskim (Shemiras Haguf Vehanefesh (p. 62) rule one is not to do so.

CYLOR for practical halacha.

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