I'm looking for a resource where I could find notes for my Bar Mitzvah parsha (Tazria) along the lines of:

  • in 4th it's always "hee" and never "huu"
  • it's always noga in the middle of the end of the pasuk, otherwise, it's always nega
  • it's bo-oyr except when followed by smichut and either ve-oyr or be-oyr otherwise

I occasionally discover these patterns myself and they boost my learning significantly.

Surely, someone must have written these down for the whole Chumash by now?

I mostly care about "tricky" words with multiple vocalisations throughout the reading but any patterns that can help me internalise anything about reading the parasha would be great to discover too.

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    You should learn Hebrew grammar, and you'd get 97% percent of it. Mar 4 at 16:14
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    Finding the patterns yourself is generally much more effective as a memory tool.
    – Double AA
    Mar 4 at 16:15
  • I live in Israel and speak more or less fluent Hebrew, in any case, my grammar knowledge is pretty comprehensive, which is why I even discovered the smichut pattern at all. I don't see how knowing grammar could possibly help me see links between cancellations and nikud though.
    – rudolfovic
    Mar 4 at 16:16
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    @rudolfovic I've made cheat sheets divided into sections per aliyah and looked at them in between. It's generally only useful to have a maximum of 3 items per aliyah or you forget them.
    – Heshy
    Mar 4 at 16:26
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    Nikkud and teamim are often related. I suspect your grammar isn't as comprehensive as you think. Fluent speaking is not the same as knowing the underlying grammar.
    – Double AA
    Mar 4 at 16:33

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The Simanin Tikkun (published by Feldheim) has many notes like this in a section they call Shitah Mekubetzet.

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