According to Halacha, 2 of the three negative commandments that don’t apply to women are shaving Peyot and shaving the corners of beards. My question is, is it permissible for a Jewish man to ask a Jewish woman to shave their peyot/beard corner, based on the principle women are not included injunction against it?

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Straight Shulchan Aruch, Yorah De'ah 181:6:

אשה אינה במצות הקפה וי"א שאף על פי שמותרת להקיף פאת ראשה אסורה להקיף פאת ראש האיש ואפילו הוא קטן:

A woman is not included in the mitzvah of rounding, but there are those who say that although she is permitted to round the corner of her head, she is forbidden to round the corner of the head of a man, even if he is a minor.

and ibid 12:

אשה שיש לה זקן מותרת להשחיתו ודינה בהשחתת זקן האיש כדינה בהקפת ראש האיש:

A woman who has a beard is permitted to destroy it; and the law for her in destroying the beard of a man is the same as in rounding the head of a man.

What about the man who asks? Ibid 4:

גם הניקף חייב אם סייע בדבר שמטה עצמו אליו להקיפו אבל איסורא איכא אע"פ שלא סייע לפיכך אסור להיות ניקף אפילו על ידי עובד כוכבים:

The person whose pe'ot are shaved off is also liable if he assists in shaving, leaning his head to him so that he shaves his pe'ah, but there is prohibition even if he does not help, therefore it is forbidden to have one's pe'ot shaved off even by means of an idolater.

  • "but there is prohibition even if he does not help". Can one violate a prohibition while being passive and not doing an action? (Assuming he stands still while the idolater shaves)
    – user9806
    Feb 13 at 22:17
  • @user9806 follow the gemara to Makkot. Rabbi Yehuda (whose opinion this is) holds that a person can be flogged for a passive action prohibition
    – Rabbi Kaii
    Feb 14 at 7:39

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