According to Halacha, is it permissible for a minor (under bar mitzvah) to serve as a mohel and do Brit Milah? What about B’dieved? The reason I ask is because some Poskim hold a woman can serve as Mohel despite not being obligated in circumcision, and also being circumcised after 8 days is an obligation for minors.

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H Milah 2:1:

הכול, כשרים למול: ואפילו הערל ועבד וקטן ואישה מולין, במקום שאין שם איש. אבל גוי, לא ימול כלל; ואם מל, אינו צריך לחזור ולמולו שנייה.

Circumcision may be performed by anyone. Even a person who is himself not circumcised, a slave, a woman, or a minor may perform the circumcision, if an adult male is not present. A gentile, however, should not be allowed to perform the circumcision at all. Nevertheless, if he does so, there is no need for a second circumcision.

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