Yitro contains 16 mitzvos according to Rambam. Most of them are linked to the 10 commandments but notably one commandment is missing: adultery.

Instead he learns this prohibition from Acharei Mot:

Mitzvah #160: Not to have sexual relations with someone else's wife Lev. 18:20

So, then what does he learn from the commandment in Yitro?

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    Where does it say adultery in Yitro?
    – Double AA
    Feb 2 at 12:33
  • 10 commandments are recited in Yitro and this is one of them.
    – rudolfovic
    Feb 2 at 12:43
  • How do you know this is one of them?
    – Double AA
    Feb 2 at 13:38
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    Sefer ha-Miswoth NC#347 The Rambam cites Ex. 20:13, Lev. 20:10, Lev. 18:6. Feb 2 at 14:36
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    "Mitzvah #160: Not to have sexual relations with someone else's wife Lev. 18:20" where is this a quote from? Feb 2 at 14:50

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In my experience Rambam will always cite the verse that expresses the idea most clearly as the primary source. That is not to say that the yisro commandment isnt referring to adultery and doesnt count as a second lav it is just that when sourcing a commandment Rambam will cite the verse that articulates the idea least ambiguously even if Chazal employ a different one as the primary source

(Rambam writes explicitly that the yisro verse also refers to adultery and that the Rabbis chose to use it as it can be read as referring to both genders vs the leviticus verse that is gender specific)

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