According to Halacha, is it permissible to spray your hair with spray on Shabbat? Or would this fall under a form of prohibited melacha on Shabbat, potentially Boneh?

If not, is there anything problematic with brushing it after it’s been sprayed with the hair spray regardless?

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Shmirat Shabat kHilchata writes (14:50 in the English edition, 14:56 in the Hebrew)

It is forbidden to spray the hair or a wig in order to stiffen it and preserve the coiffure.

as you wrote, this is because of the melacha of boneh. R Daniel Braude (Learn Shabbos, p. 298) writes this also applies to mousse or gel to keep the hair in place.

Brushing hair is a different issue, forbidden because of gozez (see SA OC 303:27). See MB 86 which comes out quite strongly against those who are lenieng on this issue.

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