I would like to learn everything there is to learn about the practice of men going to mikva (immersing one's body in a ritual pool) on erev shabbat (Friday afternoon).

I am not looking for a sif katan in e.g. Mishna Berura than briefly outlines the basic, well known facts of this practice and Ezra's takana, but ideally a work dedicated to it. A kuntress or more. E.g. I would like to know:

  1. Detailed information about the spiritual side of this practice. How it affects the soul; the Kabbalistic side of things; where this practice fits in the grand scheme of things etc.
  2. Any halachos or "guidelines" (given that not all of this is halacha per se). E.g. what's the difference between a mikva kosher for women vs a mikva kosher for men vs pouring 9 kabin of water over one's head; should one refrain from cohabiting with one's wife after mikva until Shabbat or is that irrelevant; how many times should one dip and how?
  3. Segulot (spiritual remedies) and other benefits of the practice.
  4. Detailed history and anecdotes.

Does such a work exist?



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