Honeydew is a sugar rich secretion of certain types of bugs. Since these bugs are otherwise non kosher, is this considered non kosher as well, or are they kosher similar to honey?


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OU Kosher brings the following answer to your question

Both Rabbi Belsky, zt”l and Rabbi Schachter, ybc”l maintained that honeydew honey is not kosher. This is the case according to both opinions cited in the Gemara to allow bee-honey. Chachamim consider bee honey as kosher because it is not a secretion of the bee. While honeydew honey is the same, nonetheless, the base of the product, honeydew, is a non-kosher material, which remains non-kosher even when transformed into honey. Rebbi Yaakov derives that honey is kosher from a Talmudic exegesis of a verse in Vayikra (11:21). We do not have a basis to apply this allowance to honeydew honey, which is the byproduct of a non-kosher insect.

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