A rabbi wrote on Facebook that according to the Ibn Ezra the belief in miracles derogates from the perfection of God. The rabbi explains:

Accordingly, we do not rely on supernatural miracles to explain the world and its nature. As the Ibn 'Ezra taught, rather than make HaShem great, that actually puts him down, as it suggests that HaShem's is less than perfect, that He'd need to break His own laws to tinker with His Creation.

I am not asking whether this statement is true. The rabbi I cite is a true scholar but he does not cite the source and I would like to know what is the source for this Ibn Ezra.

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    Have you tried asking him via FB?
    – Harel13
    Jan 21 at 20:02
  • @Harel13 Yes. He doesn't know the source.
    – Jonathan
    Jan 22 at 3:00


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